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Swift Alloy (steel) wheels


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I'm a little confused by the title.....are the wheels in question actually alloy, or are they steel?


If steel, then you can maybe remove flaking paint with a wire abrasive wheel on your electric drill, then repaint with something like Hammerite.


But if alloy, don't do this, as the material is much softer and the wheel may well deeply scratch the surface of the alloy.

I think alloy wheels are a real pain in the bum as soon as the laquer comes off, as they corrode and "pit"really badly.


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If they are Alloy wheels there are a number of Alloy Wheel Repair and Refurbishment companies just google "Alloy Wheel Repairs" and you should get a list of companies that will repair them for you, you may also want to try EBay for replacement alloy wheels as sometimes the repairs can be nearly as expensive as replacements (perhaps not from the main agents)


hope that helps



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