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26 pages of judder / possl 2win 2008


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hi only just found this site find it well supported & intersting

taken delivery last month of new possl 2 win all in based on citroen 2.2 HDI 120 2008 model quality as expected from germany it as taken me 1500klms to get use to clutch / accelarator control it now goes up gravel drive in reverse as did my last van citroen 2.2challanger 101 5speed no problem time will tell 5year full warranty not to worry,

only problem is water on top of motor as anyone had this fixed first service 1500/2500kms due soon

living in france and having german sevice book (uk one on order) it states main service at

40000km / 2 years how does this compere to uk models

noticed on judder page some body stated 17in wheels

mine has standard commercal tyres 215/70/15! plus very little rear over hang i beleave the converters are more to blame follwed by people that buy them you vote with your feet thay will soon get the message

fiat boxes have allways been ify & i have had few just as ford have had bad bodies check out globecar scout brand new tracys of rust on seams back doors / reno engine dont last /merc &volks parts exspensive

anyway doctor taken me off tablets now i dont read the juddddddders page (fwd X rwd better to pull than to push )

ps pages are great on spain off to benadorm in january for a month & no ferrys to pay for great spent the money on a lap top so i can look at this forum


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Smaller wheels - lower overall gearing - assuming same ratio final drive - might help going backwards but not forwards at cruising speed which will be possibly, but not neccessarily, noisier and thirstier - and possibly nippier!


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tommydud - 2008-12-09 9:05 PM


thanks for replys i was under the impression x250 is basically the same

just re badged

Yes and no, not all engine/gearboxs are same across all makes, the different makes seem to have different atitudes to fix for water ingress.

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X250 was the Citroen/Fiat/Peugeot 'project reference'.


To the best of my knowledge all 'X250' Citroens have the same technical specification (ignoring the badge) as X250 Peugeots. The difference between X250 Citroens/Peugeots and X250 Fiats is that the Fiat range includes a 2.3litre motor that isn't used by Citroen/Peugeot.


No X250 uses factory-fitted 17inch wheels.

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I'm amazed you need to ask that question.


I thought everybody knew that the piskies at the Cornish Round Objects factory at Tywardreath have a virtual monopoly on wheel manufacture and distribution. Piskies, unsurprisingly, have a very traditional outlook and are pathologically keen to retain the old ways. Because piskies - not being human - are not subject to EU law, they can legally continue to produce wheels that have their diameter specified in inches.


In fact, there have been car wheels with metric diameters that required tyres to match. See




I understand that Michelin's initiative to make the millimetre the world wheel-diameter measurement unit came to nothing due to unrelenting pressure and threats from the infamous piskie mafia (Cosa Pasty).

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