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To Andy and those of the FIAT fiasco


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I reckon Andy has saved many prospective FIAT buyers a considerable amount of cash, plus many years of heartache.


As a non FIAT owner or user I propose that Andy on this forum provides a BOX NUMBER where those who are understanding of his actions can send him a donation for his unswerving dedication to the Motorhome User.


PM one to me anyway Andy


It must have cost him and his family very dearly in time and cash.


I'm not Loyalty Motivated neither biased towards any company or product and firmly consider all makes and types before a purchase.


However after all the deeds have been done I would still only ever choose a Mercedes. Motorhome that is, (I don't like their cars much at all)




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But see this month's MMM for comments on Mercedes clutchless gear changes!


Mercedes is not the force it once was in either the design or quality stakes. Mercedes on the tim no longer means superior contents. It once did do so, but others have caught up and Merc have slipped at the same time.


Mel E


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