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monaco F1 tickets finally up for sale


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Cant remember who asked last year to tell them when the tickets went up for sale, so heres the info. Went last year, it was superb





The recession forces me to get the cheap standing tickets in 'rocher' instead of the seats in stand 'T1', as we did last year


O well...........still going, which is the main thing ;-)

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biot is the only place to stay really..........


At biot, all the campsites and a free beach parking area are next to the train station, and the train is the only way to get into monaco on race days on time (unless you have a helicopter)


We toured and looked at a few campsites round the area, and none were near a trainstation, other than biot. You dont need to book, as theres plenty of spaces available.



Also from there, you can go to cannes for the film festival as well........race day was at the end of the cannes week, and the train goes there as well from the same station.

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