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electric and the battery


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I am new to all this, so I wondered if anyone could help me out. I have a elddis autoquest on a 2002 plate bought it just before summer. I am having a few teething problems, when I connect up to the electricity at home or on site does it charge up my leisure battery and my van battery and how long should a battery last just using the lights in the van. Does anyone else own the same van and if so do you know what switch you turn on or off to run the van just on the leisure battery.




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It's almost certain that the mh will have a means of charging the leisure battery. This will usually be integral with the main /12V control unit. Usually there is a large switch for this purpose. If we knew the make of the control box it would be easier to provide an exact answer.


Whether this unit will charge the vehicle battery is less sure. I have a Devon Monaco and it does have the facility to charge both batteries.


If you do not have the necessary manuals and members of this forum are unable to help out I suggest you contact the converters or the owners club. Both of these should be able to provide all the necessary information on this and other topics.


Best of luck with your new van


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Hello Garrie,


We have a 2004 plate (2003/4 model) Elddis Autoquest 100 so may be able to help.


Connecting to the mains will charge the leisure battery but not the vehicle battery. The vehicle battery normally receives sufficient charge during driving but I have invested in a Tronic T4X (from Lidl) which I use from time to time during the winter if the weather is particularly cold.


How long the battery lasts depends on how much juice you use and tha capacity of the battery - lots more people on here with more knowledge than I of how to work it out.


There is a switch in our van which allows the habitation circuits to be powered from the vehicle battery rather than the leisure battery but I wouldn't recommend it as the one time I did (by mistake) I flattened the vehicle battery.


There is no switch to enable starting the engine from the leisure battery.


I obtained a PDF copy of the 2003 Elddis Motorhome Handbook when it was still available from the Explorer web site. If you would like a copy please let me have your e-mail address by PM and I'll happily send it as an attachment.



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