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Looking for a LHD Motorhome


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Hi we are new to this and are looking for a lhd motorhome as we live in Spain and want to explore this lovely country and the rest of europe. I haven't had much luck finding any here so am looking at the UK classifieds as we cannot afford a new model. Does anyone know of any dealers that stock lhd models in particular , and if so , any suggestions would be most welcome. We also would be interested to hear if you can get the motorhome shipped over here and if so by whom.


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If you have a look at http://www.bundesvan.co.uk

Nick specialises in imported new and second hand vans and will source them in Europe if you give him your budget. I have bought to new Hobby's over the last seven years at considerable savings against UK prices.I am about to change again using him, when( hopefully !!) the pound comes out of freefall . I just have to take advantage of Gordon's extemely generous 2.5 % reduction in VAT!!

He collects and delivers to your door. Would strongly recommend him.Mention me, Ian Thompson to him ( I might get a discount on my next change !!)



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Hi,french motorhomes cost a lot and if 2nd hand the mileage is high is most cases, also the french do not look after their motorhomes or cars as much as we do. And before anyone jumps in, I do know, I have a french motorhome, and car and no all about the way they deal with their cars and things, the two year mot does not help any.

In germany you should be able to pick up a good motorhome for less. But may I say that your 1st point of call should be your local standards office to see what will be needed to get your motorhome on spanish plates, mot.

If its anything like the french system go with a hymer, maybe worth checking if they have a dealer in spain who would get the papers needed for you to get the spanish plates.

I don,t think that italy is to big in 2nd hand motorhomes, German would be my 2nd point of call after the local standards office.


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Look on


mobile.de German web site for new and S/H


You wont find a bigger choice thousands to choose from


If your going to register it in Spain it will cost you


12% import tax

VAT 16% unless you can prove its been paid at purchase

Homocalisation 1500/1750 euros unless you are pan european compliant which would be doubtfull

and 600/800 for an agent to do the paperwork


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We would beg to differ on te price of SH motorhomes in France, we are on our 2nd one and the mileage and prices and condition have been excellent. Most motorhome owners in France keep their vans for longer than in the UK, that goes for their cars as well, as they are not in the mindset of keeping up with the Joneses.


Try the following websites:


www.tpl.fr ( we bought our Rapido from them.)


www.horizonbordeaux.com ( we bought the motorhome we have now from them) The main salesman is in fact English but has been in France for 20 odd years his name is Christopher Earl.


www.caravaning-naulin.com (We visit this dealer quite regularly and the man that owns it lived and worked in England for a number of years so his English is very good.)


We could give you other names of dealers in France but these are the two we have dealt with.


I am sure you should be able to find something in your price bracket and in good condition. Don't forget that down here motorhomes and cars are not subject to the horrendous winter conditions that prevail further north and in England, the roads are not salted because it is not necessary.


I hope you get fixed up.

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It might help a bit Sue, if you could say where "here" is, and what kind of van you're after.

The two Spanish producers I'm aware of are Moncayo and Benimar.  Presumably, they have dealers around Spain.

For re-registration of an imported van, I think you'll need quite a good command of Spanish legalese, written and verbal.  However, I guess BGD will be able to advise you on that, as he is a British national, Spain resident, motorhomer.

France has the second largest motorhome market in Europe after Germany, and is the country adjoining Spain, so on the face of it relatively handier than Germany.  However, as you're probably going to have to travel to view, that advantage may not be so significant.

I think you will get the wider choice of generally better quality vans in Germany.

You could try asking Bundesvan if they could arrange to deliver to somewhere outside UK.  However, I think the biggest complication would then be registration.

Most German supplied vans going for export will come on German temporary export plates which come with a 15 day third party only German insurance that, I understand, is valid for all EC countries.  This would apply equally to a used van as a new one, as the registration number in Germany belongs to the driver and not the vehicle.  You could, therefore, in theory, drive it from Germany to Spain on its German plates, but you would than have to get it re-registered in Spain.

If you buy in France, you won't get the insurance, though if new, the vehicle can be temporarily registered.  I believe the registration (on a "WWB" plate) is valid for only 30 days.  The drawback will be that as you are not resident in France, and have no address in France, you won't be able to get insurance at all.  Neither will you be able to get insurance from UK as the van is not destined for UK.

As residents in Spain, you should be able to get Spanish insurance, even on a "Foreign" registration number, on the understanding you will get the vehicle re-registered in Spain within 30 days.  How easy this is I do not know: it may be that you would be the first people to try this route, as it has only been in existence since June 2007 under the provisions of the 5th EC Motor Insurance Directive.  However, all the directive does is establish a legal framework in which vehicles can be temporarily insured in their "country of destination" while they are still abroad, for the purpose of driving them home and registering them, provided they are "delivered" within 30 days.  However, there is no obligation on national insurers to actually provide this insurance.

Your easiest route, and I'm fairly convinced cheapest overall, will be to buy in Spain where the dealers will handle the paperwork for you whether you buy new or used.

Second easiest will be to buy in UK and register and insure in UK (UK address required for both) then drive it to Spain and get the vehicle re-registered on arrival.

Can you get LHD vans in UK?  Yes, quite a few, but you will pay more than elsewhere in Europe.  However, I'd suggest you decide broadly what kind of van you want before you start looking for one to buy.  If you stick to something fairly widely available, such as one of the Hymer B Classes, you should find quite a good choice of LHD examples in UK. 

Try taking out a subscription to a UK magazine, such as MMM, or Which Motorcaravan (or both!!), and look through the ads.  For Spain, I'll let BGD advise.  However, unless you have already decided what you want, you have quite a spell of research before jumping in.  I'd suggest you visit a major exhibition or two before getting too far into acquisition routes.  In any event, assuming you have your income in Sterling, you'll get absolutely murdered at current exchange rates, so I wouldn't rush!

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Hi Brian


Many thanks for for taking the time and trouble to cover all areas for us. We live in the region of Murcia on the Costa Calida its not as well known as the other costas so still remains untouched to a degree. We have been to a couple of dealers in this area but the prices seem to be higher than the UK , but ideally we really could do with buying here as you said. If you know of any other Spanish dealers around here I would be most grateful to you


Sue :-)

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If you Import to Spain on a Temp German plate up to 28 days then you must register in Spain but a green temp Spanish plate can be obtained within 48 hours lasts up to 2 months I think but can easily be renewed up to 6 months I think.Permanent reg takes about 3 months because of the Homocalisation.You can insure on the green plate.

I suggest if you are going to register in Spain employ an agent don't try it yourself he will also get you a green plate but likely to cost 500/750 euros.

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Guest JudgeMental


Surely buying in Spain must be the most straightforward option....Try a large newsagent for motorhome magazines for private adverts and dealers? also there must be a spanish version of Autotrader?


failing that www.mobile.de and source from Germany. But have a look at tax and import cost first *-)

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Hi, if the tax and import fees are the same as in france then its goes on the mileage of the motorhome not the age unless new. I don,t know how they work it out, but I just say its got lots of miles and they stamp the card and thats that.

700 to 800 euros to get the plates using an agent sounds a lot of money. there is a broke in france who asks 3 to 400 euros for doing the same, but all it takes is an hour feeling in the paperwork, and thats me trying to write in french.

See if any fellow english have sorted a motorhome in spain and ask them how they did it.

I also notice that from time to time motorhomes come up on spanish plates on e-bay from English sellers, maybe worth keeping a eye open


O and sorry to say french motorhomes are well over priced like their cars.germany far better bet


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Sue -


I don't know why you haven't been able to find a second-hand MH in Spain?


There are gazillions of 2nd hand motorhomes for sale in Spain, on Spanish plates...no need to import/re-register etc.


And remember that as a Motorhome is classed as a commercial vehicle here in Spain, it's completely impossible to import and re-register an older (from memory, over ten years old) second-hand one from abroad, as this is forbidden under Spanish law.


We live in Spain too, and bought ours via a private advert in a local newspaper.


Try searching the big two Spanish 2nd hand websites (I assume that as you live in Spain you have kearned to speak/read the language of our country):




On both those sites, you also used to be able to put a "Wanted" advert up.....but I've not been on them for a while


Also buy one of the monthly Spanish Motorhome/caravan magazines at any Prensa.....lots of adverts for 2nd hand models at the back of them.


Also go along to one of the local MH dealers....they always have a stock of used vehicles.


Also look at the weekly "Coches" advert mags.....a lot of car dealers have a MH or two on their books, and include them in their "block" adverts in these weekly mags.




Remember also (apologies if you already know this), that the Spanish tradition is to ask a MUCH higher price than you prepared to accept. If you see one that you want to buy, my suggestion would be to start the haggling process with a bid at least 25% lower than the sellers asking price.



It'll be much much easier, and in the end I reckon a lot cheaper, to buy a used Spanish registered motorhome in Spain than to buy elsewhere and then try to import it to here.


Bon suerte con tu proyecto!







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Guest JudgeMental
Brian Kirby - 2008-12-14 5:56 PM


There.  I knew he'd be along!  :-)


I was beginning to wonder as well....probably busy with all the nonsense over on chatterbox.... :-D


Also is there a Spanish version of E*ay?

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Judge - yes there is: ebay.es


But to be honest it's rubbish.

Just about no-one here uses it.


The biggies here is Spain for cars/bikes/motorhomes etc are the ones I mentioned above.



Sue - you can google for other auction and sales advert websites too; as well as googling for motorhome sales dealers ("tiendas autocaravanas") in Murcia and surrounding towns.

Also just have a look in your local paginas amarillas (yellow pages phone book) for local dealers.

Don't know personally of any dealers down in Murcia itself, but there's a big motorhome dealer on the ring road in Elche (not a million miles away from you), who always has quite a few used vehicles for sale.

I know of 3 motorhome dealers who do used vehicles, located on the N332 road, on the north side of Alicante, which is maybe an hour or so away from you.


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Here are two Motorhome dealers in the Murcia region, who do used vehicles:










And here's a list of used motorhomes currently being advertised by owners in the Murcia region on segundamano.es:




You can expand the search on that website to include neighbouring regions too if you wish......

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Hi BGD thanks for the info we have been to the 2 you listed in Murcia but they only had a couple of SH and were asking a lot didn't realise they needed bartering on and when we went it was just on a window shopping trip. I keep googling and have seen the 2 classifieds as well. I am ashamed to say my Spanish is still not up to speed as yet but I keep learning. I called into a local news agent but he didn' t have any motorhome magazines do you know the actual name of these mags? Once again thanks for your input



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Hi Sue -


Can't remember the names of any Spanish Motorhome magazines off-hand, but as always, you can Google to find out just about anything in the world nowadays. Try "periodicos de las autocaravanas".


Also ask in your local prensa (newsagent) for them using the same Spanish words: "Puedes ponerme una lista de los periodicos de las autocaravanas por favor" (pease can you give me a list of Spanish Motorhome magazines).


I still reckon the best bet is probably those Spanish secondhand motorhome adverts website that I gave you earlier. Keep your English-Spanish dictionary to hand as you read through them.


And take a spin up to Alicante to see the dealers on the main N3332 leading out of the city northwards.


But in all cases, I genuinely suggest you IGNORE the price in the window, offer a LOT less, especially if offering cash ("en efectivo").

If a MH was on dealers forecort here priced at 20,000 euros, I'd offer perhaps 14,000 in cash, and grudgingly and very eventually go up in maybe 200 euro steps to perhaps 16,000 maximum (to include THEM paying the "gastos de transferencia" transfer of ownership costs)

Dealer will pretend to be mortally offended, will tell you that he can't feed his wife and kids, will wave his arms around and sob etc, but really he's only expecting 16,000.

A private vendor does the same haggling game. It's a three hours process involling coffees, ciggies, lots of clucking and shaking of heads. And it's great fun!

That's the way the culture works over here.


The Spanish think they've died and gone to heaven when someone from Northern Europe who doesn't understand the bartering culture comes in and is daft enough to offer the full window-ticket price.


We got ours for 6,000 for cash (OK, so it's 16 years old, but it works brilliantly) when the guy was originally asking 9,000.



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If you want a cheapo, there's one going for 13,500 (so probably about 10,000 for cash) at Autocaravanas Mediterraneo, near Murcia, which looks half decent from the photos:




More details on is here:





Have you any specific ideas about budget, and what sort/style of Motorhome you are looking for?

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