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Rapido sales and service


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Anyone looking for a Rapido should try the team at Wokingham, there are 5 main staff, Martin, Adrian, Paul, Anthony and Mandy on the telephone.


They're a good bunch and work their socks off. Anthony was a Rapido, MAYENNE, France, company employee before moving to Wokingham last year so they should know their business well.


They consistently send me a card at this time of year and have always been up front when queries have arisen.








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I have had many a chat with Martin and he is a very nice guy but at the time of me changing to a Rapido from a n other the part ex with him at the time (this is 3 years ago) was nearly 3k less than the MONSTER dealer.


The reason being, at the time, he only sold Rapido so would pass all other makes on to a third party and could not give a good part ex. but once in the system of owning a Rapido good deals come your way.


I do not know if any thing has changed but if and when I decide to change my vehicle I will certainly give him a try.


When I wanted to do the deal he actually got on the phone and was trying to get a better price from the third party as he explained that he new where the gentleman (me) would be going to buy a Rapido.


If the Anthony is the same person I actually met in Mayenne at the Rapido factory then he is onto a winner, he is also very good and will go the extra mile to help and this is from personnel experience and working for Rapido is fluent in French so has no problems with communication and contacts.


:-D :-D

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Must say my experience of Rapido Wokingham has been very different to that of Libby / Bill.


We bought our new Rapido last year from Brownhills because they were prepared to do an acceptable deal taking our previous van in px, something the Wokingham crew were not prepared to even consider.


As we are semi-fulltime we need to fit services etc in with our travel plans.

When I phoned Wokingham to enquire about a habitation service the very haughty lady told me that they would not under any circumstances work on a Rapido bought from another dealer. End of subject, goodbye.


In contrast I contacted Highbridge in Somerset who could not have been more helpful. Booked in at a date to suit us, an excellent job, lovely helpful people and in a nice part of the country.


I know who's getting my money from now on!

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Always found Rapido @ Wokingham very helpful.


Our Rapido was purchased pre loved as a private purchase, original seller was Brownhills.


There was a certain reluctance from Rapido Wokingham to deal with M/homes that they did not supply (as ours) , and I can understand why. They are a small company compared with other slash price suppliers.


Once we had got over that problem they have offered excellent service to any query or installation we required.



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Yes Anthony is the french speaking person who is now at Wokingham. I have no connection with them but I can understand 'any company' not wishing to work on others sales, as the reasons for the change would be unknown


I guess it also depends on how busy one is and what facilities they have along with the numbers of engineers. I believe they do not do part exchange but will suggest you go to a local trader at Maidenhead. The few times I've visited them they've been very busy.


In most of my engineering days I would refuse to cover other peoples work for no reason other than I had no idea what might have been involved previously, etc.


(Every shopkeeper has the right to refuse to serve you) Bill

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We purchased out 2002 Rapido from Wokingham,and from the start were very impressed with their knowledge and attitude. They gave us a realistic and resonable part-ex on an Auto-Sleeper, which yes, was actually sold on by the Maidenhead company.

At the time pf purchasing we spoke to both Martin the MD at Wokingham, and the only 'other' (then) dealers,and right form the start, the other company were stating 'facts' which we knew to be incorrect!

There were a few problems with the Rapido soon after purchasing it, but theese were all sorted out courtesy of Wokingham and also Rapido France, and cannot speak too highly of them.

Quite understandably, with limited space etc, they give priority to their own customers (as I guess most Companies would), and for after sales service,and especially attitude, they cannot be faulted.

We only regret that when the time came to change the vehcile, we could not get a Rapido of the layout we wanted (rear lounge),and instead purchased a Burstner, also rear lounge. This was from Chelston, another company who we have found both in the initial sales and so far with subsequent service and warranty work have been expemplary.

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I have no complaints regarding Wokingham, only praise.


My motorhome wasn't purchased from them - unfortunately. This was due to an outright lie by a preresentative of Brownhills who insisted they were the sole-outlet for Rapido in this country - My moment of stupidity, I believed them - never again.


I can understand that if you are a small company, having an influx of calls from unhappy Brownhills or other dealers customers asking for help must be very frustrating, especially as they haven't benefitted from the original sale. However, they have shown true professionalism offering help and answering all questions. They have limited time and offer an exceptional service to their own customers first and then will help as much as they can to others after that.


Because of their customer service, helpfulness shown to us (even though we originally didn't buy from them) when we replace our van, we will be going to Wokingham. The old fashioned customer service offered by them far outweighs the few thousand off the original price and more to the point the following years of problems and stress caused by certain dealerships.



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