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Caravan Club Spanish/Portugal Winter Rallies 2008/09

starvin marvin

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I've had a look at my copy of December's magazine and can see no mention of any Winter Rallies. I presume that you are looking for any rally organised by a Club Centre, and the only one's shown are for either Austria or Germany. The only Rally shown as planned to be held in Spain is the one organised by my local Centre for August. So, sorry, cannot help.
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As others have said, Camping and Caravan club do winter rallies, but I think you refer to Caravan Club Travel Services in Europe 2009 brochure. The entries there are not rallies as such but sites which are open all year.


Spanish Sites

Vilanova Park ref E08

Marbella Playa ref E07

Florentilles Ref E11

Pena Monteanesa Ref E12

El Escorial Ref E13

La Manga Ref E16

Bonterra Park Ref E19

Kiko Park Olivia Ref E20

Camping Cabopino Ref E21

Lamfora Ref E22

Azahar Residencial Ref E23


Portugal sites

Orbitur Valverde Ref E09

Orbitur Guincho Ref E10



These are all listed as open all year and the ref no is the Caravan Club brochure reference. Other sites are listed with seasonal opening dates.


Just phone the Club and ask them for the brochure quoting your club Membership Number



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