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Motor-home travel recovery insurance for abroad


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I have always used the caravan club red pennant recovery insurance for travelling abroad with my motor-home but I would like to find a cheaper option with similar benefit's if possible.

I also have Lloyd's gold account and this covers the health side of things, Please can anyone suggest any other options?

We are going for the last 3 weeks of June of 2009. (?)


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Undoubtedly your best bet (at least to begin with) would be to use the forum's Search facility to retrieve earlier comments on this subject.


If you click on the Search icon in the 'Welcome' box at the top right of this webpage, then type "breakdown insurance" (omitting the quotes) in the Keywords box, then choose "All posts" from the list in the Date Limits box, then click on Submit, you'll retrieve lots of previous threads, at least some of which will be directly relevant.


Realistically, I think it's going to be a helluva job advising you usefully on this without knowing details like the size/weight/age of your motorhome, and the exact scope of the CC product and what you pay for it.


My own European breakdown cover is provided via my Comfort Insurance motorhome policy. I've no idea how this compares with the Red Pennant scheme in terms of cost or scope, though I do know it works!

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We use MCIA for insuring our motorhome and also for European/UK breakdown. The breakdown last year was £65 for the year. It is run by Europe Assist. I also find their insurance very competitive.


visit their website at www.lifesure.co.uk


Hope this is of use to you

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