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Sites in Southern Spain


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As you might guess we have a fifth wheel which is 26 ft long, 7'6" wide and 11' high. This is great to live in but finding suitable sites in Spain is a little difficult.

Currently outside Almeria but looking to move west to Malaga and Cadiz so can anyone recommend sites which can accomodate us without driving me mad with the shuffling to avoid trees and overhead frames?>:-(

Someone on this site did say there was a book of sites for big 'uns so if you know where I can get that it might help.

Many thanks.


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How sad is this answering your own question.

BUT it might help someone else so I will recommend Camping Cabo Pino near Marbella.

Something of a slope and when it rains hard (like it has this week) the site gets soggy but when the sun shines its fine.

Beware those with small kids and pets because there are Pine Caterpillars which can be fatal to pets and make humans very unwell but they are common in pine woods in Southern Spain.

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The caterpillars you mentioned are called processional caterpillars and their nests can been seen in the pine trees from Jan - end of April.

They are hairy little beasties and its their hairs which are poisonous - they can cause sever swelling and death in pets if eaten of licked, and if humans come into contact with them then a sever rash and possible allergic reaction might follow.

They leave their nests and follow each other, (hence their name) looking for a place to bury themselves in the ground and pupate then start the whole process again


DO NOT TOUCH - do not stamp on them, do not poke them, the way the Spanish deal with them is to spray the nests with hairspray, then cut them down and burn them. It sounds harsh but trust me, its not - we almost lost our dog Mutley to them about 4 yrs ago, and he only licked at the floor where one had been.


Any animals which have been in contact should be taken to a vet immediately, any humans affected should seek medical advice.


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Just me keeping this thread going to help someone else.

Found room on Camping Roche - in the new part - which is at Conil just south of Cadiz . So did another fifth wheeler so its not bad. The toilet facilities are greta and its good for disabled according to a couple on the site.

Also found space along with another (different) fifth wheel at Quintera in Portugal.

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