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La Rioja


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Just been sorting out the recycling. Jeez, I know how to live it up on a Saturday night........


Anyway. A bottle or several few of Rioja seem to have been necked over the past few days and it occurs to me that it must be eight or nine years since we were down that way.


Right, so that's 2009's long trip sorted. Which brings me to the issue. Anyone have any views on what the sites in La Rioja are like these days? Recommendations? Anything stayable-in near Burgos? (That used to be a nightmare). Oh, and is the site at El Burgo de Osama any good ? It used to be a favourite of mine.


And - Yes Sir! I'll invest in the Caravan Club Europe 1 (my present edition looks like it was written with a quill pen).


Happy New Year when it comes.



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Sorry to be picky but site is spelt Haro, not Hara. It is a camping cheque and also ACSI, Location is just of of the AP68 at junction 9, approx 60 miles from Santurtzi (Bilbao) ferry port. A usefull o/night on way back to ferry. have used it several times, last one being Nov 2008. Hope that helps


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