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Its the final countdown


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Off tomorrow 29Dec dover calais west cost of France, Salamanca and then to Conil del la frontera Spain.


Now trying to get a quart into a pint pot

My wife has lost her swimming things and towels and its my fault.

She has bought a job lot of BOGOFFs, at Morrisons. Can I fit it all in.

Fortunatley I have a 3850kg van with a 970 kg payload but I forgot to tell her that (lol)

I have packed you 14 tee shirts she say. What! I need 3 one wearing one washing and one drying.

I have an Idea she says. why don,t we fill the Yaris ( we are towing ) Oh no I says.


Any way we now have a three bed detached house packed into a two bed M.home


I will be on wifi so will still read the threads and pass the occasional comment.


Happy new year to you all and we will be back at the end of April


Richard and Val

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Our launch sequence is on 10 sleeps and counting!


Our load seems to have grown, as does the passenger list, if the pile of shoes is anything to go by there must be at least 10 of us going!


Why aren't walking shoes X 1, flip flops X 1, trainers X1 and 1 pair of "good" shoes enough? We're only away for 6 months in sunny countries for most of the time and, as far as I know, masked balls and weddings aren't part of the plans:-D

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I hate the lot of you! >:-)


You are really, really, really cruel to taunt us poor souls who are stuck in the UK while you jaunt off for months on end to goodness knows where enjoying the weather and the adventure.


Going for a really big sulk now. :-(

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