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Yes - a battery is a battery is a battery is the simple answer!


But the experts would have us all believe that by spending more on a specific battery for different uses we will get better service from them?


That may or may not be true but as the darned things are so unreliable and buying any battery is a lottery why pay more than you need to?


No doubt all the purists will now point out the error of my ways but I am well used to that!


If I were buying a battery I would tend to go for the right one but if you have it and it works go for it - the battery I mean!




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It is quite true that you can use any battery for any purpose; however, batteries are, like many other things, designed for specific purposes. What this means in practice is that if you use a battery for something it was not intended for, then do not be surprised if its performance is less than expected.


Vehicle (starter) batteries are intended to be able to provide a large current for the purposes of starting the engine under cold weather conditions. Ford batteries in particular carry labels, which quote their capability to provide so many hundred amps for so much time. They are intended to be kept fully charged at all times.


Leisure batteries are intended to provide a smallish current over a long time period and also to be able to withstand 'deep' discharging with minimal damage. They are intended to be kept fully charged, but will stand being used in a 'charge-discharge' role.


Either of the above will work in each others role, but do not expect them to last as long as if used for their intended purposes.


In short, for best performance use the correct battery.



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There are battery types that are designed to be dual purpose - the 'gel' type is one example and the Elecsol carbon-fibre-plate product another.


As Michael says, it's wisest to match the battery type with the type of task it will perform. But if you've got a big leisure battery in good nick, then you might as well flaunt it as a vehicle battery. Should be OK and, if it doesn't like its new role, what have you lost?

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