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Bolero Swift.


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We considered this model recently and decided against for several reasons.


Bed not wide enough for hot sticky nights (no rude comments please).


Not convinced that we could live with the bed cut off due to loss of bed space and potential for slipping bedding blocking the loo door.


Toilet and washroom cramped and using basin impossible with the door shut.


Step up down in middle of van dangerous.


Lounge seats too short for cumfy feet up lounging.


TV location too high for comfort


Reverse gear issue


Lack of usable worktop in galley.


Very low ground clearance under fresh water tank which is the lowest point of an already very low ground clearance van.


Drain bung in water tank very vulnerable to ground attack.


Generally poor fit and finish and flimsy build quality for the money in our view.


We decided that the layout was in principle good but we did not care for this interpretation of it.


Fiat's and Swift's reputation for customer care.


Other than that it seemed OK - so we didn't proceed!

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I think that you are very wise to seek advice before purchase. Had a new 2008 Bolero with rear lounge (not the rear bed one that you like), however it was so bad, electrical/mechanical faults including the accomodation door falling apart (a known fault according to the owners club) that I got shot of it after a few months. My wife and I could not take the stress of which part would go wrong next, Fiat or Swift.


I would never buy a Swift or a Fiat based Motorhome, but there are happy owners out there. Also search the forum for Bolero and you will find lots of comments on there. In the end Caveat Emptor (buyer beware)

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I had a Bolero for 1 year during which time we took it 9000 miles around Europe and enjoyed the trip despite the van. We flogged it back to the agent as soon as we got back to the UK and despite losing a fair amount were pleased to see the back of it.  The build quality is very poor and Swift's Customer Services is appalling. It begs the question why one of the other Bolero models won an award and the road test I read in MMM gave it a good rating!?!?!?!

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Thanks for all your input, we have always had Autocruise and two years ago, we lost a Autorcruise Starblazer in the floods at Tewkesbury, and about the same time Swift bought out e, the Marquis dealers, who we have dealt with for years, had a right job, getting Swift to replace it, but true to form it isn't of the same quality as the first, one, the heater is always playing up and other niggling little things, hence the reason for asking about the Bolero, I had this gut feeling, this was going to be the response, thanks once again.
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