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Advice needed for next New Year


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Hi Everyone

Just want to start by wishing everyone a belated Happy New Year

My new years eve was spent at a place called Dungeon Ghyll in the Langdales/Lake District with two families, two camper vans, surrounded by mountains and two handy pubs.


The 5 day break was a repeat of the year before but even though it is a fantastic place we are thinking of trying somewhere near the coast for next year.

[red]This is where you come in [/red]


We are starting to look for some campsite/stopover/pub car park where we can park two vans for 4/5 days which has access to coastal walks as well as a welcoming pub to spend new years eve. (showers/toilets/facilities wanted)


Our limitations are really just distance from Nottinghamshire, we are thinking 250/300 miles radius and places considered so far, are:-


North and South Wales

Northumbria Coast


I know it's a tall order and there are loads of places out there but my plan is to visit any places that are recommended by you lot and give them a bit of a trial run at the weekends.


Hook up is not essential as we just survived 5 days without hook up, even though we ran out of gas and all the pipework to the waste water tank froze solid.

(probably something to do with the minus six temp, felt sorry for the proper campers in tents!!)


[green]So, its over to you lot, any coastal pub considered that is under 5 hours travelling time from Notts, on the coast and facilities for campers.[/green]


As always, all help really appreciated







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