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Help! Battery issue


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I have just travellled 4 hours to South Wales & noticed that the leisure battery that would be normally fully charged is registering 12.2v & worse still is being drained by something? at 18.8v while the engine is switched off.

Any help in advising what is happening would be appreciated.

The only thing that is amis is that the electric step is not functioning properly, i.e. it only moves in & out very slowly & needs to be helped by my foot.

First time this has happened.



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Hi Brian, I don't know what you refer to when you say its discharging at 18.8V but it sounds to me lie your split charge fuse has blown. Just a small tip, if you want accurate help and advice then it would be easier for us to help you if you told us what your motorhome is, I'd guess from the comment on your profile that its a Burstner but what model or year is anyone's guess.


I'm pretty sure Burstner use the Electroblok system from Schaudt and this is where to look for the split charging fuse, your handbook will help you to locate it.



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