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Renault Master Base Service in Cleveland


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Hello Beezo,


Is your Master registered with Renault Trucks or Renault Cars as this will determine which dealers can carry out any warranty work required while the service is being done? Renault Trucks are combined with Volvo Commercial for warranty.


The problem with the Renault Car dealers is that most of them do not have facilities of a size to be able to cope with vans or motor caravans.


A phone call to Renault Watford for cars 08000723372 or Renault Trucks Dunstable 01582 471122 quoting the Vin No. of your Master will determine which part of Renault your Master is warranted with and the length of the warranty. It would be worthwhile checking the Warranty Start Date and length also as, depending when and where the base vehicle was supplied from, the length could be 2 or 3 years.





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