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My friend is an Artist ---


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She hasn't finished my Horse as yet working in water coloured pens Who ha brilliant ... what do you all think of them.


The one of the Horse shoe is what my daughter wants so asked her to design the Tatoo .I think its very nice but not sure on the whole about Tatoo's but my daughter assures me that even if she wasnt a Farrier she would always have Horses n her life ...Ok sold.






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She did different shades just incase she fancied Autume colours ...Brilliant i say .


I will try and post the originals later so you can see how clever she is and how like the originals minus Freds feeding tube they are .


Can you see is about a book re Autisim .




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Would be really intersted guys if you can it would be wonderful I would show to my friend also.


Anyone want anything drawn the prices are so reasonable around £50 for pencil and these are of the hardest kids to capture its really hard to get eye contact . Also she has never seen them we are over the moon .

especially as I asked her to leave out Fred 's feeding tube she changed Freds left eye only as it was away from the Camera .

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