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Big Brother within forums..


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I subscribe to another forum, (age-related rather than hobby-related) and they have made some major changes that are not very popular with the members.


One member has now gone off and set up a new forum for like-minded people, of which he published details before removing himself.


Obviously the mods pulled the threads quite quickly, which was understandable.


However they are now reading everyone's pm's and deleting them if they have any reference to the new forum!!



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donna miller - 2009-01-16 1:01 PM


I hear there is a new website for the "older" member, it's called.................




































Thanks Donna but they wouldn't let me join.




Said I was too old.



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ohgrandma - 2009-01-16 1:15 PM


Donna, I thought they knew it all at that age, (lol)


Talking of which reminds me of a poster from the past - probably politically incorrect now?





Are you tired of being hassled by unreasonable parents?


NOW is the time for ACTION!


Leave home and pay your own way whilst you still know everything!



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donna miller - 2009-01-16 12:30 PM


The members should vote with their feet and leave the site.

Most profiles show members emails, you should use them rather than pm's, it would be highly naieve to believe the site owners or moderators did not have access to your "private" messages.

I think that should be 'vote with their wheel chairs' :D

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