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Camping In Brecon Wales

Camping Mad

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I enjoy camping in Brecon Mid Wales, this is a camsite a Visit regually.


Bishops Meadow Caravan & Camping Park


Link to website: http://www.bishops-meadow.co.uk/


This is the forum I have recently set up so if you use this Camsite Please Join the forum and spred the word to your friends that use this Camsite.


This forum is set up in Yahoo.


Group name:




Group home page:










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Thats the problem isn't it with MH's . There would be 3 of us and if we went away for 2 weeks and paid £20 a night for parking on a piece of grass it just seems alot to pay.


We wouldn't use the loo's or showers which I am sure are stunning.

Doubt there would be many times in the Brecon you could go in an out door pool heated or other wise, ( I lived near there for 4 years so seen the weather). We would arrive full of water and maybe fill up 3 times in 2 weeks, empty loo every 3 days, pour grey waste away every 3 days.


When you can collect your tesco vouchers go over to France for free and then use the Aires and Municipals for usually between €4 and €10 a night and park in some wonderful spots.


Nothing against Wales or this or any other campsite its just how much they need to charge for vans that don't need that many facilities.


Just my thoughts


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Right with you on this Mandy, a small village just outside of Skipton called Gargrave is a place that's priced itself out of the market for us.


It has a site but the fees now are I expect in the £17 per night region, facilities are shall we say, tired. So you pays yer money and takes yer choice.


The local pub is happy to put you up on the car park, but my wife is not overally comfortable with that type of camping.


Knowing the village quite well, I e-mailed the local council with some suggestions which would benefit the village as a whole rather than the poor value site.


One was utilising the space available near the local football pitch and another using the Village Hall car park. Fees to be paid obviously, just provide a tap and a bin. Hardly difficult.


Result? Waste of time, Despite me pointing out the benefits of more visitors spending in the village and a few hints as to the Aires in France.



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