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Sink tap not working?? on a Laika Kreos 3004


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Can anybody help me?, I've a strange problem with my monobloc sink tap!. I've just refilled the fresh tank after the winter and the sink tap just dribbles water out (almost as if it's syphoning the water out).after minute or so the pump fires up then shuts off again, but the tap just keeps dribbling, the shower and hand-basin taps work just fine.There's nothing wrong with the pump, the shower and hand-basin supply comes immediately after the sink supply (on the cold side) so there's enough pressure, it just doesn't pump up to the sink. The van is a Laika Kreos 3004 (2001). I'm beginning to think that there is a blockage in the tap, it wont be in the pipes as it affects both hot and cold but don't really want to take it all to bits if there is a logical answer. ps. has anyone taken these taps to bits??

An afterthought! The hot side blew a lot of air through the tap to start, so I'm not so sure that the tap is blocked

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