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Seat base lowerer


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i've just picked up an Elddis Autoquest 2006 on the Pug Boxer chassis and we have a slight problem, i'm looking at putting a swivel on the passenger seat but SWMBO is quite small and cannot touch the floor now let alone when the swivel is fitted. has any one got any ideas on making the seat lower? can i get a new base unit for it? fitting a swivel would be very useful

if possible!



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There was a company that manufactured lower seat bases but I cannot find the reference.


There is a problem with fitting different seat base heights where an airbag is fitted. This would probably be OK if the height of the seat base plus the swivel put the seat to the same height as standard. Have you thought of contacting Eldiss for advice?






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Hi Alickswud

We use a typists foot rest, it is height adjustable and also has the benefit that it can be used to excersice during the journey.

Especially useful for anyone with circulatory problem, etc..


See link for example




May be cheaper on e-bay, etc.




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