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nick1 - 2009-03-15 11:26 PM Hi i have a hymer 644 ( 2000) left hand drive. failed its mot, fog light on wrong side .Any one else had this problem ?

Er, at the risk of stating the obvious, anyone else with a rear fog light on the wrong side?  Was there some other point?

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The following website is a useful source of information about the UK's MOT test:




The mandatory requirement for post-March 1980 UK-registered motorhomes is for one rear fog-lamp, fitted centrally or on the vehicle's offside. The fog-lamp's location and operation is easily confirmed and I'd expect a wrongly-positioned one to be detected as a matter of course at a motorhome's first MOT test.


In principle, a single rear fog-light positioned on a motorhome's UK-nearside should be addressed when the vehicle is initially UK-registered. One might reasonably predict this situation with a left-hand drive import and the Department for Transport's importing guide specifically mentions it. However, I'm sure quite a few imported LHD motorhomes have slipped through the net in the past and only get 'caught' at MOT-test time.


I'm equally sure there are a good few UK-registered imported motorhomes with regulation-non-compliant headlamps and speedometers. Speedometers fall outside the MOT-test's scope and 'wrong' headlamps can normally be tweaked and/or masked to produce a beam-pattern that meets MOT-test requirements. However, this doesn't 'legalise' such motorhomes - it just means that they can wriggle their way through an MOT-test.

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