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Fiat Immobiliser


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Has anyone had a problem with the standard Fiat immobiliser?


We've had the problem a few times, it seems random and usually rights itself after 20 minutes or so. It does cause worry especially when we're afraid it'll stop working and stop us getting onto the ferry.


To explain, ( this is on a 2002 Fiat Ducato 2.8 turbo diesel) when you turn on the ignition beisde the standard ignition light there is a key symbol which should go out, meaning that the vehicle has 'read' the chip in the ignition key and you can then start the engine.


Our Helga is going in to the Fiat dealers next week.

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I had the same problem on my fiat 2.8, as you say it usually happens at the most inopertune moments. I had the solenoid for the keycode professionally removed at a toatal cost of £85. If you really want you can search the Ducato forum and they tell you there how to do it yourself.

I do have another immobiliser etc.

Now I never have to worry about it not recognising the key.

I personnaly think that the removal is a far better option than taking it into Fiat who will change an arm and a leg to "try" and fix the problem.


Here's a link that might be useful




Stew :->

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