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BBC TV in Spain


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Sorry if you already know this but F1 fans wishing to watch the race on BBC TV with a small ariel and Sky simply need to go to BBC news (503) click on the red button, type in 3001 in the box top right of screen, press select then there you can pick your screen. Good viewing
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Patricia - 2009-03-19 2:21 PM
Losos - 2009-03-19 11:36 AM Hey Syd, just tried that and wow it works for us and I can get BBC News 24Hr. as well, great stuff I thank you.
Where are you at the moment Harvey - England or Czechland?

Czechland for a couple more weeks, snow has all gone ('tho having said that it's snowing as I type lol) England in April (and Wales look you boyo lol)

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Here is another small tip that should help you get ITV1 or Chanel 4 on your sky box overseas, well I'm in Spain and it works here


Press the service button in BLUE at the top of your remote. Using your key numbers press 401 and then SELECT button in the centre of your remote, this will take you to the installer set up and number 2 will be default transponder.

PRESS NUMBER 2 button. Change the frequency from11.778 to 12.129 simply by using the number keys. Also check that the values below the frequency are V,27.5 and 2/3 and if these are different highlight them and change by using the blue left and right arrows on either side of the select button.

Once these are correct highlight the SAVE NEW SETTINGS and press the SELECT BUTTON.


Press the BACKUP button once on the remote and then NUMBER 4 (add Channels). Check that all the above symbols are the same frequency etc before highlighting FIND CHANNELS at the bottom and press SELECT.


A channel list should appear and by using your UP and DOWN arrows highlight the channels you require to save and press the YELLOW button which will put a tick next to the chosen channels.


(*)Once this process is complete press the SELECT button once and a CHANNEL LINE UP COMPLETE message will appear on screen.

Press the SELECT button once more to return to the ADD CHANNELS page and frequency etc change the frequency to 12.402 making sure the other symbols stay the same, then highlight FIND CHANNELS and press SELECT.


Again save the channels required by using the YELLOW BUTTON (this frequency is good for the ITV1 channels)

Once you have ticked all the channels press SELECT and repeat as above (*) with frequency 12.475 (this frequency you will only need to save channels TT on 4 and channel 4


After all of the above is complete press the SELECT button once more and the BACKUP button until the service page has gone.


To view these extra channels press SERVICE and select OTHER CHANNELS, the saved channels will appear, highlight the channel you want and press SELECT


Here for ITV1 - Channel4 (tt ON 4)

Press SERVICES, then 6 (other channels) then SELECT ITV 1 or Channel 4

Hope it works as well for you as it does for me

Good viewing

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Sorry but no you don't need to reverse the instructions when you get back to the UK.


By following the above instructions you are merely changing the default transponder to one the sky box can see in Spain.


The normal default is 11,778 vertical. When your sky box can again see that transponder it will automatically revert to it. Even if it doesn't it won't matter as the Sky box can see both transponders in the UK.


The ITV channels on 12402 are encrypted therefore you can only get them if you have a Sky viewing card. Most of the BBC, ITV Ch4 stations are on Astra 2D (free to air) but 2D has a very narrow beam which is visible in the UK and most of France and about 2/3 of Germany but becomes more difficult in Spain where a much bigger dish is required.

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