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Fiat (X250) Ducato panel-van conversion owners - is your vehicle a Motor Caravan or a Delivery Van?

Derek Uzzell

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Does any forum member own a motorhome based on a current model (X250) Fiat Ducato panel-van, please?


Examples of such motorhomes presently marketed in the UK are


Adria - 4Twin, Twin, Maxi Van

Burstner - City Car C-600

Chausson - Twist 2

Eura Mobil - Quixta Q-580

Hymer - Car 312/322

IH Motor Campers - Tio and Oregon models

Laika - Sport 100

Murvi - Mallard, Meteor, Morello, Piccolo

Swift - Mondial

Timberland - All models

Trigano - Tribute


Recent forum postings have revealed that some current-model Fiat Ducato-based panel-van conversions are shown in Fiat records as 'commercial' vehicles (ie, Delivery Vans) and, besides having 'commercial' base-vehicle warranty terms and conditions, also do not qualify for Fiat Camper Assistance services. This is despite the vehicle being recognised and registered by the DVLA as a "Motor Caravan". A couple of MURVI-built motorhomes have been mentioned specifically as being sold with a commercial-vehicle warranty and lacking Fiat Camper Assistance.


I would be very grateful if forum members who own a motorhome professionally converted from a current model Fiat Ducato panel-van, and purchased new in the UK, would say whether their vehicle was, or was not, sold to them with Fiat Camper Assistance. (Presumably this will be evident from the Fiat documentation provided with the motorhome.)


Examples of the type of response I'm seeking are:


"I own a 2007 Swift Mondial and this DOES have Fiat Camper Assistance"




"We have a 2008 IH Motor Campers Tio R and this does NOT have Fiat Camper Assistance".


(I need to emphasise these are samples only - I've no clue as to their accuracy.)


I'm not looking for comments/observations on Fiat, Fiat Ducatos, the Fiat Camper Assistance scheme, educated guesses as to why this should happen, etc. - just straightforward Yes-it-has, or No-it-hasn't replies.


On the other hand, if you have first-hand experience of being sold a current-model Fiat Ducato-based motorhome that came without Fiat Camper Assistance and you have been able to establish exactly why this happened and (even better) have subsequently managed to get Fiat Camper Assistance added to your motorhome by Fiat, then I would be very keen to learn about it.

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Guest JudgeMental


How wouuld they tell if it is actually built on a "camper" chssis and not the cheaper van model.........Would the tyres be an indicator?

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I'll add my details:

Murvi Morello

Base vehicle 2.3 LWB HT Panel Van

November 2008

Registered with DVLA as a "Motor Caravan"

Registered with Fiat as a "Commercial" vehicle.

I have been told by Fiat that it is not eligible for "Camper Assist"



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