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If the info I give is no use, do a search, there are bags of threads on this subject.


This is what I do.


Choose a pic


E-mail it to myself, (this is using Windows e-mail system), and it will offer the option of resizing the pic, choose the smallest resolution.


When pic arrives in your Inbox, save it to a folder on your desktop, I call mine "Resized".


Go to create new threads, or reply to a thread, and click "add a file after posting"


You then get the option of looking for the pic, yours would be in desktop of course in resized.


The link that the pic produces once you've clicked should appear in the box, then if the pic size is ok, upload successful should appear.


I hope this helps, I thought myself pretty PC savvy until it came to pic posting but I mastered it eventually with help from the forum. I've sent you a PM too.






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