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Engine Chipping


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I've seen ads for engine chipping/remapping,I tried having mine done (Mine is a Peugeot2.2 100Bhp) but when the guy turned up with all his various bitsand pieces ..no joy he gave up and said it wouldn't do it and he couldn;t say why not.Just wondering if any really tech minded viewers out there could explain the non event.

I will not say which company it was ..suffice to say he was very apologetic and wouldn't even take any money at all not even fuel money nice in this day and age ...this was September (ish) last year and I still ponder why any offers viewers


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I had a company turn out to do my Peugeot, gave me some cock and bull story about it being a Siemans chip and his soft ware wasn't compatible, result no work no charge. I then contacted Jason at More-BHP.com he came out and within minutes (well he hardly had time to drink his coffee) it was done and what a difference. So I can seriously recommend him.




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One of the leaders in this field was Van Aaken. They have stopped trading.


My guess is that someone made a big claim against them when an engine went B A N G. and that was the end of them! But its just a guess.


Be wary when pushing your motor to produce more power and torque than the original manufacturer was happy to warranty. More stress WILL be applied to engine parts, and brakes, and suspension, clutch, gearbox etc as you will get used to the increased performance and easier driving experience. My own experience with this (on a Landrover) required improved handling by new anti roll bars and a military clutch that was bigger and much heavier. The brakes were so so!


Also you may well get away with having more poke in a relatively light panel van conversion when the additional power is only likely to be used for acceleration and overtaking. But if you have a heavy beast then the engine could well be working outside its design limits for much of the time.


Also, if you want to be "green" you need to be aware that these power enhancements are only achieved by eating into the margin between the emission limits set by legislation for the vehicle when new and those tested at the MOT station.


It may well be ideal and totally reliable, but if it does go wrong and cost money to put right - perhaps a new engine just ask yourself who will pay.


You mate with his laptop and CAN box will be well down the road by then!


Just make an informed decision. OK






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One of my pals worked for a well known Birmingham racing motorcycle manufacturer in their test dept.


On discussing ways of improving my own bikes engine performance I had several ideas, his comment was that you will rarely improve what the manufacturer has already achieved.


I assume this could still be the same answer today, if a gain is made in one component then another will 'cost' the equivalent of what has been gained.

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I agree with applying a very, very large dose of caution with engine chipping.


If you read the adverts for those offering chipping it appears to be all good and positive: more power, improved mpg, smoother power delivery, more torque etc etc. A win win all round???


If it was all so beneficial and so easy to achieve, then why don't the manufacturers just incorporate it into the original engine management algorithms and provide more of everything from new?


Like Libby, I too am an engineer and a motrocyclist. There is a massive industry supplying aftermarket goodies to motorcyclists, but very little of it ever gives an improvement without a compromise somewhere else.


In engineering you just can't have something for nothing - investigate the down side to this as there definately is one.

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