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Any Artists out there?


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I hope that we have some "painters" in the building..if not the missus says paint it pink??

Some Idiot damaged the rear and passenger side of my "CI-Carioca 656[55 reg].

Actually the idiot was me..I forgot the overhang at rear and scraped the garden wall!!.

I have managed to piece it together,[like a cracked egg shell]with good old super glue and also fill in and smooth down with filler.

The problem now is painting the panel the right colour..the paint needs to be a special one[its a "fabric" like surface?]..but I am having difficulty with the "greyish/bluish colour.

Does anyone know the colour of these "plastic" skirts on the vehicle sides..or the paint to use?

I would be gratefully for any help or pointers in the right direction.


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Hi sorry to hear you have damaged the skirt. Yoiu wil also need to seal the inside as well, because super glue is hydroscopic and will fail.

I have found the best adhesive to use is Marley drain pipe solvent cement,

The joint can be reinforced on inside with fabric tape and and more cement to seal. Paint. Acrylic car paint does the job - just have to find the best match you can and various colours have been used and colour matching on these panels is not a priotity when manufactured. You can always get a car paint supplier to mix you up an aerosol to match.


The paint I used on mine was Dupli-colour ART, but do not now if you can get in UK, I bought in Czech Repulic and has a stone hard finish and worked extremely well, drying extremely quickly.


Hope this helps you a little, but do reinforce all the joints from behind.








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Guest Tracker

If you take the van to your local motor factors they should be able to match the paint colour and mix you up some suitable paint in the right consistency either for spraying or for brushing.


If you are very lucky you might find that it is identifiable as a standard colour from someone's paint range and you might even be able to get an aerosol spray can to match - but you gotta be very lucky for that to happen!

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Fibreglass patch at the back - proper glass fibre kit available from most car accessory stores. At least 3 wet on wet coats.


On the face side, trim a groove into the areas where the crack is, and then fill that with epoxy resin. Sand, fill with mud and prime with an acrylic primer as you will be using acrylic paint. Wet flat, with guide coat of black if required. Then top coat. 1500-2500 grit best used between coats. Paint acrylic on cellulose and you will have quite an effect going on!

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Here is my repair and final pic shows filled ready for painting.


This was repaired using Marley Solvent cement and the tape is polyester.

The filler was UV setting Holts body filler used carefully just in a shallow groove. The UV setting filler bonded much better than ordinary filler.

Been two years now and no cracks or hairlines have appeared through the final coat of paint.







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