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Contacting CAK


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In 2007 I found it difficult to contact CAK tanks by phone as it was always persistently engaged. So I sent them an email. This morning I received a receipt for this email, sent in September 2007, which said that it had been removed from their system "unopened". Obviousl didn't want my custom at that time!
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We drove to cak tanks from Birmingham to look at reading light's, wanted to see what the led lights were like.

We waited an hour (as we got there when the department closed for lunch)

we waited another 15 minutes when the reopened, for someone to come to the hatch.

He switched the lighting board on, and it didn't work, and he didn't give a kipper, didn't even try to see why it didn't work.


we spent our £80.00p elsewhere.

Perhaps it's the same chap who answers emails?


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