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The variable water pump conundrum


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Following my senior moment described earlier today (after filling the fresh water tank from winter emptying) where the water pump was operating at two different speeds in relation to the tank lid being on or off.


Derek commented, "your Rapido's fresh-water tank needs to be (and is) vented to atmosphere through a breather pipe. Otherwise your motorhome's diaphragm water-pump's vacuum-producing action could eventually prevent it sucking in water or (in theory at least) even cause the tank to collapse. Removing the tank's lid just produces a larger diameter 'breather', but otherwise can have no impact on the efficiency of the pump".


Brambles also; "Libby is indeed correct in his observations. Sureflow produced some pumps, the model number is I believe 010409, and they detected open vents in the tank and would reduce flow to indicate you had left the tank open".


I have this minute just surveyed the offending part, the info on the pump is (trail) 2095 - 204. I will run another test again tomorrow as we had a cold night and the waters' all gorn. Oh dear!

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