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Planning Our Big European Trip


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We are looking at planning for a 6 month family (2 +2) trip around Europe and we need lots of advise.


We have found many links for camp sites, value discount card and places to visit.


Our initial bigger queries are:

1) how to purchase a motorhome, in which country and what should we expect as a purchase cost?

2) are their buy back deals to reduce the risk of selling at the end of our trip?

3) what is the reccomended spec we should be looking for, we like the fold down double bed and fixed rear bunks. other key items?

4) For budget purposes, what should we budget on a monthly bases?


Realise these are big items however would really appreciate any advise on the above or other important items that we have likely not thought about.


Thanks DR

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I think, from where you appear to be in your planning process, your best short term objective would be to go to Vicarious Books website, buy, and then read from cover to cover, "Go Motorhoming Europe".

It is a highly informative little book that will prove worth its weight in gold, and may even save you more than that amount in hard earned cash.

After you have read, and inwardly digested, that little lot, I think you will find you have the answers to many, if not all, of your above questions.

Hope this helps.

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