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Greetings from the island.

Mick H.

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Hi all. Got a few days off the House and pet sit business, so have toddled up to Hayling Island. It's an island in that it is surrounded by water. just. If you turn right at Havant Hants going east on the A27 you drive over the bridge onto the Island.Don't know if the weather is the same everywhere else but it is high summer here.I think it must be a sun pocket or something here because there are greenhouses everywhere.The top pic is the west side and the second is our roadshow on a £6-00 a night Including electric C.L.


Best regards Polly and Mick.


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howie - 2009-04-02 11:13 PM


even that 'pokey' little car of your's looks good. Enjoy your break.


Oh, it's YOURS is it? And there was me thinking some inconsiderate person had parked their pram too close to your lovely Hymer :D !

Seriously though,(?) I hope it's fitted with a reversing camera to make sure you don't reverse over all that furniture!

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Nothing wrong with that 'pokey' little car I suppose, and ideal for towing, but my first cars were 'proper' ones that made a lasting impression that's stayed with me all these years.

A Standard Vanguard was the first, and was followed by a succession of Zephyr Zodiacs and then Granada's.

I guess most of it can be put down to nostalgia, but still the 'golden age' of motoring for me.



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