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New Hme and New Motorhome


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Have just bought a new Bungalow by the Sea in Hampshire and a 2 Year Old Eldis Sunseeker 100.


Does anyone know of an LCD TV you can use normally say in the kitchen - which you can then take with you in the Motorhome - hence transfer from normal 240 volts to 12 Volts easily.


Any LCD TV would be fine but even better if it could be a flip down one to use under a kitchen cupboard - slip it out somehow and fit into the Motorhome into some sort of similar fitting.


Any ideas, guidance suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi Alan

Not certain but we bought a flip down LCD TV for a family member's house warming present a couple of years ago and from memory it had a 240v dc to 12.? DC transformer fitted in the supply lead.

I think you might need a voltage stabiliser to run constantly on 12v supply

It would be OK on 230v hook-up.

Sure there will be others along with more techy info

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