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Wild motorhomng in Eire


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Does anyone have any experience or information about 'wild' camping or informal areas in SW Eire? We were there a few years ago without the motorhome and I remember thinking that we felt it should be possible to find acceptable places to stop. The phrase 'Eire de Service' could catch on!
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Guest Tracker

Have not been there since 2002 but off site camping was possible although not as often as we would have likes due to the large number of anti 'tinker' height barriers everywhere.


We went in May and as most of the sites seemed not to open till June it did take some ingenuity at times but we coped OK just using a site every few days to get water etc.


The people were very friendly and they smile at you whilst taking your money! Car parks and pub car parks are sometimes available.


If you start looking for an overnight stop long before it gets dark it's a lot easier to find somewhere.


There were no Aires at all.

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Welcome on board Les. If you send me a PM with ypur intended route I might be able to help you out with some Pub pull ins etc.

Yes as Tracker pointed out we do have a lot of problems with height barrers but some may open to let you in . Getting out early in the morning may be another problem. We are become more motorhome friendly over here. We have an aire in Limerick and looks like its working well. More looks like are on the way as motorhomes are now everywhere.



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