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MMM April 09 OOPS, Strange Prices


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Anyone else noticed the pricing differences between the photographed windscreen sticker prices of motorhomes and the adjacent text in the “Camper UK” advert over pages 90-91 of April’s MMM?




2005 Lunar Telstar, sticker £28995, advertisement’s text £32,995.


New LMC Liberty, sticker £39,450, text £43,495.


New Geist 718, sticker £42,450, text £45,995.


2007 Hymer, sticker £52,995, text £59,995.


New Burstner Solarno, sticker £48,495, text £48,995.


Some other photos were too fuzzy to make out the detail but looked like they too may vary.


I wonder if this is indicative of the degree of pricing weakness in the current market for there to have been such apparently large reductions before a customer even arrives on site to start negotiations?



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