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Don Madge

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Following a thread on the Big Pitch Guide it appears that some motorhomes over 3500kg could be effected by the directive.


The basic legislation, 2007/38/EC, requires all vehicles over 3,500kg GVW to be fitted with compliant wide-angle blind-spot mirrors or cameras: see








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Hi Don,


we are in the process of fitting our 7.5 ton vehicles with these mirrors and during the research part of the job I was looking at the smaller vehicles because we run 6.5 ton Iveco Daily vans and chassis cabs. There is a minimum cab height applicable to the legislation that means that no 3.5T or 6.5T chassis cabs require the new mirrors. This is alarming because I think that blind spot mirrors are a very good idea, however it seems you will not have to worry about it.


The legislation also only applies to vehicles registered since January 2001.


So, to summarise; no campers except those built on truck chassis and registered after Jan 2001 have to take any action at all.


A bit of good news for a change? It would seem so.



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