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Disc parking in Europe

Don Madge

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A friend was recently in Switzerland and came across the disc parking system in a small town. He had never come across the system before and he did not have a clue. He is not an experienced motorhomer so he left as he did not want to get booked for illegal parking.


So for the unenlightened I've copied a disc I've had for years.


The Blue Zone is a maximum of one and a half hours parking allowed, set the arrival time on the left of the disc and leave the disc in the windscreen. The latest departure time is displayed on the right.


On the other side the Red Zone is for a maximum of fifteen hours the same procedure as the blue.


The disc are usually available (Free of charge) from garage's, Post Office's, Banks, Tourist Offices and many shops in the disc zone have them.


This disc I got many years ago from a local garage.


There are also other discs available for varying lengths of stay ie two to four hours parking.


Safe travelling.





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quite a few belgian towns also operate a similar system but you have to buy the discs (1-2 euros) nothing in life is free these days i have had mine many years now without any problems. and once you have one they seem to be accepted in all towns that opperate the system so no need no buy one for each town


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