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Fridge on 12volts


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I have a 2004 Adria 650 (from new) which has a Dometic RM701 Fridge/Freezer.

The problem is the 15 amp fuse from the alternator to fridge on 12v usage keeps blowing. The connection is under the passenger seat.

Now I've changed the relay with no joy.

The Adria wiring diagram states a 15 amp fuse.

The Dometic handbook however states:

"Connect the refrigerator to the vehicle battery or alternator by a direct cable to the terminal bloc. To avoid a voltage drop etc...... ensure satisfactory operation the positive lead must be fitted with a fuse rated at max 20A"

The relay is 30 amp, so really a 20 amp fuse should be ok there but what other 'problems' could I be causing by upping to a 20 when it really should be a 15 amp one.

Anyone got any suggestions/ideas on this one please.



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I think the fuse rating may be a bit low, it will cause a voltage drop and as a result will heat up, then it will blow.


A 20 amp fuse will be OK, the cable etc will still be protected in the event of a short etc.


A word of warning, the cheap fuses sold by some motor parts outlets are rubbish, they are poorly made and the amp ratings are very inaccurate.


Buy some good ones from an auto electrical place, you might then find that a 15 amp fuse is up to the job.



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You could try using your multitester [if it can measure up to 20 amps dc] to measure the current flow across the "empty" fuse holder . This would tell you if the 15 amp fuse is suitable.

If it is, then the suggestion to use a good quality fuse would be ideal.



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