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"A" Frame towing in Germany??


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The gearbox on a Smart is made at the old NSU plant in Germany by Getrag. Its manual gearboxes are used in Audi Porsche GM Nissan Toyota and VW. Its automated manual transmission is made for Smart and BMW. The gearbox is splash lubricated. When the wheels turn the box gets its oil with or without the engine running. This is certain on the 6 speed box 1998-2007. The new model has a 5 speed box but is still made by the same company .

I imported my first Smart in 1999 before Merc took over and have been involved in owners clubs over the years. This is one issue I checked before using an a-frame.

I am 100% happy that my gearbox is fine.

France is pretty relaxed about frames but if I was doing any other country I would use my trailer, buts thats personal preference.











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caljoe - 2009-04-17 5:59 PM Hi,All looking at towing our smart car in Germany? have you and was it OK? or did you have problems with the police?.


Have toured extensively in Germany over the past few years - mainly in the south - and can confirm that "A" frame towing is really frowned upon.

All use trailers when towing. Don't know if you'd get away with it because your displaying British plates - as German police are quite relaxed with foreign plated vehicles.

But they do come down harsh on Geramn plated vehicles.


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Thanks ALL, for the info-have just got an 07 smart with"A" frame on it,we are going to Germany in Sept this year and was thinking of takeing it with us! may have to have rethink. In the MMM`s mag i think about dec08 they had got one on show at the Caravan saloon show saying it was about £1000.00 price tag?.Tow-total webb site i think have agents in Germany, Spain, France,and think Holland.


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