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Elddis xpedition 100


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Hello, i'm new to all this + just purchased a 2002 Peugeot Boxer Xpedition 100, would be gratefull if anyone could help me with the lounge double bed set up, i seem to have a small gap mid outer section both with bed support + cusion, do i have someting missing or am i just stupid ?
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You're not being stupid but (from your description) I wonder if you are missing a couple of cushions and a board. I think the bed make-up is the same as our Autoquest 100 (2003/4 model).


The bed is made up by initially pulling out the end of the two dinette seats and the slats between them. That leaves a gap between the seat extensions into which the board fits. You then drop the hinged panel behind the driver's seat (which helps support the backrest cushion).


The seat cushions are then arranged as per attached diagram (front of vehicle to the left). A is the forward facing backrest, B is the forward facing seat cushion. C is the backward facing seat cushion. You should have two oblong cushions in addition to the seat cushions. They are D & E in the attached diagram and placed on top of the seat extensions/board. The seat extensions are then pushed back a bit to squash the cushions together.


If you wish, let me have a phone number in a PM and I'll give you a ring.




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On the outer extension you should have a small rectangular peice of chip board which fits between the pull out extension boards, held in place by two plastic lugs. Once in place in covers the gap between the seat bases. You then take the top of the rear side seat cushion off and place that along the outer edge to make up the extra width on the mattress. If you get stuck let me know and i will go out to one of ours and attempt pics! lol!


with hindsight it wasn't very clear - i will do my hire bit!lol!


Lift the two seat bases, and then pull out the rail from the stowage box. It looks like a bit of a shelf. Pull out until it reaches the end, and make sure that it sits in the holding lugs. Now take the back of the seat that sits directly behind the driver and place in the middle. The base of this seat is best turned around, so that the lump is at the end.


If you wish for a wider bed, at the edge of each seat base, the sides pull out around 4 inches or so, place the chipboard rectangle btween these two extensions to cover the gap between the bases, and cover using the top of the sideward facing seat. This top comes in two peices and is held together by so excellent velcro, so watch your footing when separating. Place this along the outer edge. For extra foot room, remove the cushions from the opposite seat (with the seat belts) Place these between the driver and passenger seat for storage/extra bit of headboard.


That may make it easier - it is hard without pointing! lol!

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