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Free stop overs in GB?


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Randonneur - 2009-04-19 12:43 PM


There is a Truckstop Guide website, some of these stops are free some you have to pay for. We sent for the 2006 guide which was free but I think you can only get the information online now.


Try this link:



very good peice of information for us all to have , Thanks Randonneur

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david lloyd - 2009-04-19 5:55 PM


One of the best parking websites for motorhomes is:




This gives many of the free places to stop overnight but also where best to park during the day if you are visiting towns etc.




I second Davids suggestion. The website is often updated to show any changes and a sat nav version is available for downloading. I wouldn,t travel in the Uk without it. Makes me wonder how we managed before it was compiled.



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