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CC&C Motorhome Section National Rally 2009


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Hi Just wondered if anyone from this forum is attending or thinking of attending the national motorhome rally of the CC&C which is being held in Burns country in Scotland for the first time ever.

If so It might be good to put some faces to names...


Booking is being extended to 7th May because of the high demand.


The rally runs from 21st to 25th May.


Come see how the scots put on a show!!!

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Mickt - 2009-04-19 5:30 PM


I will be there ,look for a McLouis 363 from the N.L.& E.R.


I wish I could come, The N L and E R are the nicest bunch of people you could ever wish to meet. If the rest of the regional groups are as great as them, I'm absolutely gutted to be missing it. Anybody going will be in very good company. :-)

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