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Inverter advice please


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Hello all.

I have a 12v to 300w inverter which I would like to use occasionally to power my 15" LCD TV or perhaps the laptop. Next to the aerial outlet point in the van is a 12v little brown socket from the leisure battery. Would it be in order to wire up a cigarette lighter socket to this to plug the inverter in, or would it be too powerful for the wiring?

Thanks in anticipation.


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The 12v socket will have a maximum wattage and probably a fuse to protect it.


Your handbook should tell you this rating - which is generally around 15 amps, which is 180 watts @ 12 volts - but look it up to be sure.


So as long as your mains output is well below that - say about 100 watts at mains voltage - to allow for inefficiencies in the system you should be OK.


Check the 12v wiring and fuse for warmth when in use which would indicate heat build up due to inadequate wiring - something modern van makers seem to excel at - or a bad contact - just to be sure all is well.


If you want to run to the full 300 watts at mains voltage you will need at least a 25 amp at 12v input - and a 30 amp would be better - which will mean a heavier cable to the socket.


Be aware that voltage loss in 12 volt systems increases dramatically with the length of cable and the current it has to pass whereas voltage loss at 230/240 volts is minimal so the nearer your inverter is to the battery the better - so why not consider attaching it direct to the battery - via a fuse - and run a longer mains lead?



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