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Motorhome servicing.

Brian Kirby

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Just had our annual damp check carried out by STJ Motors of Woking.

Slightly unusual firm, with a wider than average range of services on offer under the same roof.

They are Hobby dealers, so sell new Hobby, as well as various used, vans.

They are also fully authorised Fiat commercial repairers, so can service all Fiat based motorhomes, and can carry out Fiat warranty work.

They have a 10 tonne lift in their mechanical workshop, so can service large motorhomes.  Clean, light, modern workshop, all nice and neat and tidy.

They originated as a body repair business, and have retained this area of work within their new business, so can repair motorhome body damage (as well as more general vehicle body repairs), also having a "low bake" or similar oven large enough for motorhome paint curing, as well as a chassis jig for more serious repairs.

They can carry out full motorhome habitation servicing.

In short, a bit of a one stop shop - especially if you happen to have a damaged Fiat based motorhome in need of repair and general servicing!  For those unfamiliar, Woking is 4 miles SW from the M25, and 5 miles north of Guildford.

The boss and his partner both own motorhomes, so they also know a bit about them as users.  Now that is unusual!! :-)

My only experience is this morning's damp check, which went off OK, so I can't recommend on any more demanding basis, but all the staff etc I met were pleasant to deal with, and they seemed quite busy, so I guess someone must be being kept happy.

See here: http://tinyurl.com/n37dkh

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Now somebody must tell a tale of woe from a service centre, just to keep the balance. :D

Because as far as I know threads praising dealers are soon withdrawn. If past experience is anything to go by. (lol)

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