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Any Japanese spec Hiace campers out there?


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I drive a 3.0TD Hiace supercustom camper - 4wd, automatic, air conditioning, 4 berth, cooker fridge etc - the works. Fantastic vehicle as you will well know if you have one too.


Anyone else out there would be interested in sharing tips or even forming a club for users? (unless one exists already?)


Hope to hear from you

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HIya Anthony,I have just sold my Trigano and am waiting for an importer to find me a Japanese Hiace.

I am glad to hear you love the van. I will have loads of questions to ask!!!.

How about insurance,can you recommend a company?



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I am insured with Insurance choice (www.insurancechoice.co.uk )


Not every company is happy to insure an import but they are. Reasonable price (£250) fully comp that is and you don't have to restrict mileage to get it.


As to whether they are any good I have fortunately never claimed so I have no idea!!


Ask away any questions you like - email if you like I would be glad tohear from you.


Where have you ordered your van from? I got mine from Poplar Motors in Chesterfield and he has been brilliant. Which model are you looking for?



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