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Solar Panels for Campers


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I was considering fitting a solar panel on my autosleeper . but the prices have put me off a bit as you can get a lot of hook ups for £500 plus but I have just seen this 80 watt panel Ebay in Hong Kong new for £84 and postage £96 this makes it a very good deal any one got any views on this matter?


:SunFlex 80W Mono Solar Panel, 80 watts for 12V Charging


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Listing info

Item location: Hong Kong, China

Duration: 7 days

Start price: US $140.00



SunFlex 80W Mono Solar Panel, 80 watts for 12V Charging

Unlimited number of uses! May Quality for Gov tax/grant


Item condition: New


Time left: 8h 37m 36s (23 Aug, 200903:01:03 BST)


Starting bid: US $140.00

Approximately £84.80


Enter maximum bid: US $


Place bidPlace bid

(Enter US $140.00 or more)


postage: US $149.99Standard Int'l Flat Rate PostageSee more services See discounts | See all details

Estimated delivery time varies for items dispatched from an international location


returns: Returns accepted | Read details


Seller info

g-man2222205 ( 15) 100%

Other item info

Item number: 170372626399

Item location: Hong Kong, China

Post to: United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan

Condition: New


Postage and packaging To Service Estimated delivery*

US $149.99 United Kingdom Standard Int'l Flat Rate Postage varies for items dispatched from an international location

Postal insurance

US $7.90 Optional



Standard Int'l Flat Rate Postage varies US $149.99



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It will be an even worse deal if it's faulty or you need technical advice. And remember that you need other items as well as the solar panel such as regulators and fitting parts.

It's true that you can get a lot of hook-ups for £500 and only you can decide if you really need the freedom that you can get by having a solar panel. I find mine invaluable as we'll often stay on a French aire for a few days and explore the area on foot or on our bikes. The solar panel allows me to watch TV and use reasonable amounts of power knowing that it's being topped up all day. If however you drive around a lot your battery will be topped up anyway.

There are certain things that I'm happy to buy from abroad but something as expensive and complex as a solar panel isn't one of them. if you do decide I think that you should go for the security and confidence that you'll get in dealing with a reputable U.K. supplier.

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I can fully recommend a British Company that sells solar panels, regulators and pure sine inverters at very reasonable prices. They have 100% feedback on ebay. I have found them very helpful. They are under the name of mrcontrols2008. They have a100watt panel for sale, item No 280388171309
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had my 125 w solar panel fitted 4yrs ago by solar solutions, ok it cost £700 fitted but never been abroad yet and has never run down the leisure batterys even with the weather we have in this country ,having just changed vans had it transfered to my new motorhome free of charge so if you wild camp alot worth every penny
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£84 is only the starting bid have you looked to what they have actually sold at.

Also as mentioned you need to be prepared to write off your cash if it goes faulty.

Customs will charge import duty & vat on items over £18 also the delivery agent in the UK may charge £25 - £40 pounds especially if if arrives by DHL (I've been caught by that one).


I've just had a look, some are from China I would steer clear of them, a lot ebay scams from sellers in China, Hong Kong normally OK.

Only one has been sold, that was at the start price of £84 but P&P is £92 so it will probably cost you about £230 with taxes etc.


Also it appears to be just a solar panel how are you going to house it? If you are not able to do it yourself it could cost a few hundred quid to get a one off housing made up.


Are you feeling lucky? (lol)



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Well I seemed a good deal at the time But the points that have been made are worth considering I have had stuff from Hong kong befor but not as expencive with out trouble, but there is always a first time for every thing. I will be looking up the site Rowley suggested
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The point Andy made about import duties....a collegue at work decided to buy some casr doors from abroad as they were cheaper, once they arrived they in fact turned out more expensive once the import tax was added than if he had bought in this country - expensive lesson when you're looking for a cheaper alternative in the first place.
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Hello. Not bought a solar panel yet but definitely will once finances allow.


Yep a lot of camping for £500 but peace of mind when not on hook up is invaluable.


If you pm Carol Hymer (she is back in a few days) she will give you lots of advice I am sure as she and hubby swear by theirs. They use it for tv, computer, charging both leisure bikes, etc etc etc and have certainly convinced me that finances permitting it is the way to go.


(Please don't anybody come back that if you struggle financially you shouldn't have a motor home .... I want one and it is worth the struggle. Thank you.)



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