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dog gates for motorhomes


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Hi guys,


Seeing as you are all happy campers with your furry four legged friends on here, i thought it might be an idea to point out my dad's business "k9gates" (if the power's at be will let me!). He custom makes wooden dog gates specifically for motorhomes/caravans etc that fit into the doorway with no fixings, holes or screws etc. easy to use, easy to store. He can even adapt them for you to fit between the seats in the cab for use whilst driving to prevent any little muts from sleeping under the pedals! I would highly recommend you take a look at the website and invest in one (obviously i'm slightly biased as my dad makes them, but honestly, they're brilliant - mum and dad use one for their german shepherd all the time)




cheers guys, if anyone has any questions just email/PM me or use the contact form on the website. :-D

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