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Wireless Reversing Camera


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Does anybody know of a system on the market where a wireless reversing camera can be fixed to an in-dash DVD player?


We are looking for a 7 inch screen or thereabouts as anything a lot smaller would not be sufficient for our reversing purposes.


Not sure whether such an item exists, so any help or pointers in the right direction would be great.



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Personally I wouldn't go for wireless. you need to provide a power supply for the camera anyway so there is little to be gained from using a wireless unit and they are very prone to interference. I've seen quite a few wireless camera systems and every one of them suffered terrible interference problems.



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I've never come across an in-dash DVD player that has a built-in wireless receiver.

Many DVD players have an auxillary video input which will take a feed from a camera. You would need a wireless camera kit that has a separate receiver module (not built-in to a monitor). The output of the receiver module being fed into the aux input on the DVD player

This is all extra wiring for a system that will, as Dave states, be very prone to interference.


Wireless systems operate on the 2.4GHz band which is shared with wireless routers, cordless phones, bluetooth etc. The strongest signal wins, it may not be your signal from the camera.

We stopped selling wireless reversing cameras as we had recurring complaints from customers. Some wireless installations do work, it just depends on what other 2.4GHz signals are being transmitted in a certain area.


A reversing camera system should give a "mirror image" view. Some cameras flip the image, others rely on the monitor to flip the image. If you are mixing a camera with a DVD player you would have to ensure either the monitor or camera has a mirror image function.


Much better to buy a wired kit with a camera and matched 5" monitor. We favour the 5" screen size fitted above the windscreen by the vehicle courtesy light. It is usually simple to run the cable under the headlining to the back of the van and the camera.

The monitor will not obstruct a view through the windscreen and being in a slightly shaded area will give excellent images even on bright sunny days.

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