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Just received this warning from a friend in Moscow, is it right or a hoax





Cell phone plugged in??




A few days ago, a person was recharging his mobile phone at home.


Just at that time a call came in and he answered it with the

Instrument still connected to the outlet.




After a few seconds electricity flowed into the cell phone

unrestrained and the young man was thrown to the ground with a heavy



His parents rushed to the room only to find him unconscious, with a

weak heartbeat and burnt fingers.



He was rushed to the nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.


Cell phones are a very useful modern invention.




However, we must be aware that it can also be an instrument of death.


Never use the cell phone while it is hooked to the electrical outlet!

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I'd say its extremely unlikely but not impossible for 240VAC to pass to the phone. The phone charger is a simple transformer which converts the 240VAC into the (typically) 5VDC required by the phone to charge. For the described incident to occur would require the primary and secondary windings of the charger to short out. Not an impossible situation but in my opinion extremely unlikely.



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Same goes for TVs and computers, and other types of equipment - always turn them OFF at the wall socket (not usually necessary to actually unplug them). Do not leave them on standby as, apart from anything else, they can still consume a lot of power, in some instances as much as if they were being used. We generally only leave on necessary equipment in our home overnight, such as fridge, freezer, videos (yes we're still using them! :D) etc.
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We recently took our daughter to an educational exhibition run by different companies one being National Grid (it is the largest utility in the UK and second largest in the US).They have 82,000 miles of gas pipeline and 9,000 circuit miles of overhead in lines in the UK, they employ 28,000 world wide and 12,000 in the UK. On a leaflet they gave us it had little bits of info that I found interesting.


1. National grid has enough electrical wires and gas pipes to travel around the worlds equator over 65 times.


2. Replace your light bulbs with energy saving ones and just one can reduce our lighting costs by up to £78 over the life time of the bulb and they last up to 12 times longer than ordinary light bulbs.


3 1 tonne of recycled paper saves 17 trees from being cut down as well as their surrounding wildlife and habitat.


4 Try not to leave the tap running while you brush teeth shave or wash your hands, as this can waste up to 5 litres of water per minute.


5. Wind power is the fastest growing energy industry and there are now enough wind generators to power 12 million European homes.


5. Each year in UK videos and TV;s use £163 million worth of electricity because they are left on stand by.


Alot of you will know this, dispute this or not be happy with some of it, I am just giving info of a leaflet not my knowledge.



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Ref wind power - there's loads of wind turbines in Germany and Holland, they're all over the place, big ones, little ones, tall thin ones, stumpy fat ones (... there are plenty of Germans like that too! :D ).


Getting back to mobile phones ....


Our mobile phones and broadband contracts are due to end on 5 October so we've just renewed with the '3' network, it took a bit of haggling but we've got:


2 x Sony Ericsson C903, one black, one white


Per month (18 month contract):

300 mins any network/landline minutes each

300 mins '3' to '3' mobile minutes, plus another 2000 mins '3' to '3' mobile minutes each as we've taken out 2 contracts at the same time.

20 mins video calling

2 bluetooth headsets with chargers.

2 phone mains chargers

And on one of the phones, we've also got 1gb internet access per month - ideal for checking emails or bits on the internet if out.

Plus the phone warranties have been increased to 2 years.


Each phone costs £16.63 inclusive per month - they'll be here next week so we can actually start using them before the current contract runs out.


Next we're going to trade in our old Nokia 6500 slide phones via '3' and will get £49 cash for each which over the term will mean the cost is £13.85 inclusive per month per phone - less than we're paying now (£15.00). :-D


Then tomorrow we're going to change our mobile broadband plan which presently costs £12.50 per month for 7gb (this plan doesn't exist anymore) to a 'current' plan which is the 5gb per month one for £15.00. This means that for the final month my limit will be 5gb (I don't go anywhere near that anyway!). As the £12.50 last invoice charge has been taken on our 'obsolete' plan, we won't actually pay the £15.00 fee for the 2gb less ... keep with me, I haven't lost my marbles ... yet! :$


What this means in reality is that as we will then be on a 'current' broadband plan, in a couple of days we can 'renew' our contract and claim a 50% reduction on the monthly fee (as we have phone contracts) and get it for £7.50 a month!!! Plus I get the new style dongle which is supposed to be much better. :->


We scoured the internet and have been visiting all the shops to see what the best deals are today and no one could touch these deals. Well chuffed. :D

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Knew it was toooooo good to be true! :-(


Rang '3' today to change mobile broadband as suggested ... no can do ... we can't 'downgrade', only 'upgrade' and then it would be the full amount, not 50% reduction!!!! Chap yesterday told us wrong!!! >:-(


After much argy-bargy, asked to be put through to supervisor as not happy bunnies. After laying it on the line with the supervisor, saying that we wouldn't have renewed the phone contracts if we couldn't get the mobile broadband deal, she said we could technicially change but would have to wait a month before we could get the 50% discount, ie pay the first month at £15 then the rest at £7.50. However, as we'd already been mis-informed once, there's no way I was going to wait another month and then be told it was possibly wrong again ... too late by then, which she obviously realised as she was telling me. The upshot is that as we could 'technically' do this deal in a month's time, she's agreed to set it all up now to keep us happy as we've been loyal customers. So, after much ado, we've finally got the mobile broadband at £7.50 a month (for 5gb) which will commence wef early October and we'll be getting the new super-duper high speed dongle to boot. :-D


What this also means is that once we're on this deal we can virtually keep it going indefinitely as they always renew existing customers on the same contract agreement at the end of the term, so in 18 months time we could just renew the contract again for £7.50 a month. Now happy bunnies again! :->

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I hate 0870 numbers and do all I can to NOT use these high charging rip offs.


Just in case anyone has not come across it before there is an excellent website




You put in either the 0870 number and they give you a normal line number or you put in the Companies name.


So it can be used as a great directory enquiries as well. Just go onto to the site and put in Norwich Union where it asks for Company name and be amazed at all the differing departments that come up and the direct dial number for those departments!!


Saves us oodles of time here. One of the best sites available today.


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I've used the 'say no' website a lot seeing as we only have mobile phones now. But be aware that some of the alternative numbers don't work ... I think some companies have cottoned on and have stopped the alternative numbers so you have a limited choice now. Still well worth trying though.
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They're here! The phones arrived today (a day late!) but they are very nice, I've got the white one with purple key pad (I've gotta have something girly!) and hubby has the black one with silver key pad. Similar size and 'way to use' etc to our old Nokia 6500s so they are 'familiar' at least.




Hubby's hopping mad though - he hasn't got the free bluetooth headset he was promised! Oooooo I can feel a complaint coming on!


The dongle arrived today too, I'm now using it - took a bit of pratting to get it sorted but it seems okay, hopefully it'll be faster than the old one, time will tell.



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Why do I get the feeling I'm talking to myself on this thread? :-(


Oh well, latest installment of the '3' fiasco. My phone worked fine until yesterday morning, less than a day since I got it. I heard a 'buzzing' sound coming from my bag like a demented wasp was after my yoghurt, and lo and behold someone was calling me ... but it wasn't ringing ... very odd. Anyway, I assumed I'd pressed a wrong button or summut and had accidentally muted it so then investigated it ... nope, everything set-up okay. Looked on the internet and found a Sony help site and instruction manual, followed instructions for various ways of 'unsilencing' the phone but nowt worked ... hmmmmmm.


Tried again when I got home - nowt, nada, not a sausage. Rang '3' in India and after 50 minutes finally got the agreement to send out a new phone to replace my new faulty one - originally told it was going to be a repair - not on your bl**dy life it wasn't!!!


New phone arrived today ... so far so good - hopefuly that's our quote of three '3' problems ... no bluetooth headset for hubby, dongle not working at first, and now my phone ... 8-)


I'm on very good terms with the call staff in India now though! (lol)

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Just so you know you're not talking to yourself.

I saw earlier which phones you where getting, was going to reply, but didn't what to bother you by letting you know that model isn't the most reliable, seems you've found out youself now, you are now allowed to swear and kick the dog :-(

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Thanks Colin ... I think! 8-) The phones have a 2 year warranty (3 extended it by 12 months), so hopefully if they go wrong we shouldn't have a problem getting them sorted.:-S


Might sell the ruddy things and keep the old ones ... profit would more than pay for the line cost over 18 months.


Daren't kick the little dog ... she'll bite me ... she has a thing about feet! :D


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